Toddler Made Place Settings for Your Thanksgiving Feast

For the last 2 years I’ve done the same thing, a handprint of my son turned into a turkey. It’s cute, it shows the size of his hand at the time, I liked it…and so did the family! However, this year I felt I should mix it up a little or atleast up my game.

great for babies first Thanksgiving!
I definitely wanted something my 2 year old could make because I know for a fact that no one wants a craft my son “made” aka he destroyed his attempt and I sat at his little table and did children’s crafts! So it was important for me to find something that my son can and will actually make!! I also like the idea of incorporating a handprint or footprint so we can look back over the years and see how much he grew each year.

I also think it’s important to include your toddler in holidays and this is a great way to do it. When they look at the table set, they see something they know they made and contributed. Everyone can comment on them and make your child feel proud of their work.

I found quite a few ideas and my son, being the trooper that he can be, helped me make them all! I think this year we will have a different themed place card for each person!
We did a turkey adoring again but this year livened it up with rainbow feathers! turkey with rainbow feathers

A turkey footprint with actual feathers glued on!turkey with actual feathers glued on

An acorn handprint! place in an acorn or cork to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner!

An owl handprint on a branch!
place in an acorn or cork to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner!

A corn on the cob footprint!

A fall coloured leaf! (You can do a variety of these in different fall colours) you can do these in any fall colour!

You can use a handprint or a footprint to make a cornucopia…but unless you use stickers for your child to place for food, you’re going to have to attempt some drawing! 

Put the place cards in a pine cone or a cork with a slit in the top and you’ve got a cute and personal touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Upcycling for Mother Earth

My mother is passionate about recycling. There wasn’t a recycling program at the school she was teaching at, so she started one. We lived in the country without garbage and recycling pick up so we loaded up our car and took everything, I mean absolutely everything recycable, to the depot in town. My mom composts everything she can because she can’t stand waste. So it’s only natural that I also recycle and don’t like to waste things either. But I’m not quite as passionate about it as my mom.

We also live in the country now and have to take our sorted recycling into town. I haven’t started composting yet, but definitely plan on it once my garden is up and running. My favourite part about recycling is reusing, repurposing and upcycling.

My craft room is full of old coffee jars and shoeboxes recovered with paper or fabric to store my supplies in…and so is the rest of my house! I also love coming up with creative ways to repurpose things for crafts! Check out some of my examples!

These are fairy lights covers made with old KCups covered in scrapbooking paper. A great way to decorate for a party or BBQ!


These are napkin rings I made last Thanksgiving. The brown fabric is from an old blazer that couldn’t be donated because of a stain. The rings are made with toilet rolls and the ribbons are repurposed from old gifts and purchases. I’ll be making these with brown felt to sell in the fall for this upcoming Thanksgiving, so keep checking out my Etsy Shop! 🙂


I also love to upcycle things for party decorations, such as the Dump Truck Photobooth from a cardboard box or these red carpet ropes made from pie plates, wrapping paper rolls spray painted silver, dollar store Christmas balls and Red garland.


The possibilities are endless! Check out my Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Pinterest Board for more great ideas for Upcycle Crafting! Happy Earth Day!