Behold….My New Look!!!!

If you follow my Facebook Page, you know that I had a consultation and chose out a new “hair piece” which was ordered and delivered last week and yesterday I had my appointment to get it altered to match my hair style.

I went to Georgio 635 Salon a few weeks ago and had a consultation with Brenda. She measured my scalp and determined the colour match and we discussed my options. We agreed on a synthetic Topper for my first piece because it’s easier to manage and will fall back into place if it’s synthetic and I wa looking for something low maintenance. The downside is, I have to remember not to cook with it on or ask someone to put things in the oven or take them out as well as being too close to a bonfire or any extreme source of heat.

I called her last week and she placed the order and I went in yesterday afternoon for a desperately needed hair cut and fitting. While she finished up with her other client, she gave me the hair piece to play with and get used to.

We determined the length to cut my hair to match my 8-10 inch hair topper and she gave me a wash and a trim. Then she clipped the topper in place and matched the bangs and softened the edges so it all flowed. It still poofs out a bit at the top but it should mould to my head more and settled after about a week’s worth of wearing.

It’s weird. I am now a woman who wears wigs. I’m having a hard time getting my head wrapped around that now that it’s actually mine and in my possession but it’s still exciting! I can’t wait to go to a concert with my husband in a couple of weeks and be able to wear my hair down instead of in a bun like I normally have to (not really a concert hair style!!). I’m excited to have options again. But it will still take some getting used to. Because I don’t work. Outside of the home, I won’t be wearing it everyday, I can slowly get used to it and practice clipping it to my hair securely enough not to shift but gently enough at the back not to hurt my scalp.

In the end, it’s something, until a few months ago, I never thought I’d purchase or wear in my lifetime but here I am, a woman who wears wigs and a woman who can go out with “her” hair down again. It’s an experience with mixed emotions, but overall it’s positive and exciting!!!

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10 thoughts on “Behold….My New Look!!!!

  1. It looks nice. I can so relate!

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    • Thanks! Sorry to hear you’re going through something similar! Hope you have lots of support 🙂

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    • It looks so natural! My hair is thinning due to menopause and I’m getting nervous that my hair will continue to fall out. Can you tell me what to search for so I can find myself a natural looking topper. I’m in California and have no idea where to find a quality, natural looking piece for just the top part of my head.


      • There are a lot more affordable options in USA compared to Canada Mary! I’m sure if you google “hair topper” locally you will find stores you can go to and try a few on. There are lots online too but I hear there are more options in store for you


      • hi Mary. Sorry I have no idea. I know a wig maker in New York, but that’s about it.


  2. I also have LPP, thank you for your story I honestly felt like I was the only one out there. II’m in the process of getting a hair piece which I find mortifying, I can’t believe it has come to this. I cry all the time, which I know is part of the process, I’m so humiliated at both losing my hair and having to wear a hair piece. I am so afraid of looking like a fool. I honestly don’t know how I am going to leave the house for the first time wearing a hairpiece! I’m afraid that I will stop going out altogether! Please tell me that this is normal and it will get better.

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    • Yes it is normal, the most scary part is going out with people you know who can tell something is different! Hopefully your friends and family are supportive. There is a great support group on Facebook for people around the world living with LPP. If you’d like more information please email me at

      Good luck with everything, I promise it gets easier 🙂


  3. I was just diagnosed with LPP. I would love to receive more information and updates.


  4. Florence Andrews

    where are you in California. If Los Angeles, I know a great place where you can try them on and get help and advice.


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