Toddler Lessons…Making the Most of their “Spongy Period”: the weather

Toddlers’ brains are like sponges, I’m talking Bounty like absorbency!!! So why not take advantage of this Spongy Period in their lives and teach them as much as possible?!?! Over the next few weeks, I will be doing mini, toddler friendly lessons and activities about a variety of topics. This week will be weather.

I will focus on one topic each week because repetitiveness will help my son learn and it also spreads out the fun! I have no intentions of sitting my 2 year old down and explaining the weather, I will simply incorporate it into our daily activities and play.

Here’s what it looked like…


Being outside is easy, after all, that’s where the weather happens. When we get ready to go out, we talk about what we’re wearing, it’s hot out so we have shorts and a tshirt on. We need to put sunscreen on and wear a hat because it’s sunny out. No, winter boots are for when there’s snow outside, it’s hot so we need to wear sandals.

We point to the sky…blue and sunny because it’s hot, grey means it’s going to rain, etc. I was fortunate enough to choose a week with varying weather so we were able to compare blue skies and grey skies, talk about the wind and we even saw a few rainbows!

After a few days of talking about the varying weather, my son was pointing to the grey sky and saying rain!

My son loves things that are silly so I made artificial snow with water and baking soda, I got the idea from Bath Activities for Kids. I explained how it only snows when it’s cold out but I made pretend snow so we could still play with snow and build a snowman, even when it’s hot. I told him how silly it was and he was sold, he loved it and we made all kinds of cool things…a snowman, snow balls, we threw the snow and squished the snow. I chose to do this outside so we could talk about how silly it is to have snow in the summer (even if we do ice near the mountains and sometimes get snow in the summer!) but as the link shows, this is also a great activity for the bath! But I had other plans for bath time…

Bath Time:

I took all of my son’s toys out of the bath except for a variety of sieves from his bath toys and from our kitchen so we could talk about rain. We made it drizzle and pour. We made booming thunder noises. We sang It’s Raining, It’s Pouring and Rain, Rain Go Away. It rained on his toes, on his knees and on his head when it was time for shampoo. We had fun.

When we were in the car we pointed to the sky and talked about what it looked like. About blue skies with white clouds or dark, grey rain clouds. We read stories about weather and talked about what the people were wearing. We had a few thunder storms and listened to the thunder and yelled “boom boom boom” to make our own thunder noises and watched lightening strike.

We’ve had lots of fun learning about the basics of weather this week, hope you and your kiddo have just as much fun with your lessons!

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