Green Eggs & Ham

I used to steam and purée kale and mix it with scrambled eggs when my son only ate soft foods and remember saying to my baby, as I spoon fed him, “You’re eating green eggs like in Dr. Seuss!” I can only assume that he understood and appreciated the connections!!! But I kept the meal idea in mind and now that my son is older I made him real green eggs and ham, only I didn’t go as far as to serve green ham!

I got a few leaves of fresh kale from my garden, grocery store works just as well.

I pulled it off the stem, put it in a bit of water and steamed it.

 When it was cooked I drained it and puréed it. I used to use the Baby Bullet but that’s put away and I didn’t feel like messing my big blender for such a small amount so I used my handheld blender and it worked perfectly!

After draining any excess water, I added some eggs and a bit of pepper for taste and blended it all together. The blender made it a bit frothy, you can mix it with a fork if you prefer.

Cook the eggs like you normally make scrambled egg! So easy!

While I was making lunch, I thought it would be fun to show my son the YouTube video for Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham because I wasn’t organized enough to get the book out of the library. It worked perfectly because the video was just over 8 minutes so it kept my kiddo happy and entertained while I was in the kitchen.

I had roasted a big ham a while ago and had frozen slices to fry up with meals as well as small pieces for my homemade pizzas (stay tuned!) so I defrosed a couple of pieces and fried them up with the eggs.

There you have it, a fun and easy meal for you kids that sneaks some vegetables into their diet! You can also do this with spinach.

My son preferred the ham over the eggs (he’s his father’s son when it comes to meat!) but still ate nearly all the eggs!


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