DIY Toy Work Bench…Didn’t think the hammering noise through!

My husband and I decided to make our son’s birthday gifts this year, a sandbox and a work bench. Having a construction themed party and knowing he loves helping daddy build and fix thing we thought he would love his very own work bench.

We got a few ideas from Pinterest, mainly getting our inspiration from Finding Joy’s design. My husband, with the help of my dad set to it! Together, they had it built in a night!

They got the wood, measured and cut. We decided to have the table 2 feet high, 2 1/2 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet deep because our kiddo is pretty tall and we wanted him to use it for years to come. It also suggests you add wheels on it in a few years as your child grows.

We had bought a tool set for him and voila, his very own work bench like daddy’s! The only thing we didn’t think through is having a toddler hammering in the family room constantly isn’t ideal, it’s actually pretty awful! Our house came with a playhouse on top of the shed which we are going to fix up this year but right now it’s full of flies and the stairs aren’t safe for young children due to a lack of railings. But I think, when the play house is finished and he’s old enough to spend time playing in there, the work bench will definitely make its way out there, I might even try to make space in the garage in the mean time!

I also want to paint it but didn’t get chance to do that before his birthday so we’ll see what happens! With the right tools this was so quick and easy to make, doesn’t cost a lot of money and it’s personal and sentimental because it’s handmade!


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