DIY Party Decorations on a Budget! (Wrecking Ball Piñata, Banner, Food Signs)

I already did a How To for the Construction Signs and Dump Truck Photo Booth I made out of cardboard and just wanted to share a few other things that I made and that cost next to nothing (woohoo!).


Fabric banners have become very popular as decorations, especially for back drops for cake smashes, etc. My son had his cake smash for his first birthday but I still liked the look of the banner and thought it would be a fun and easy decoration. But I improvised with things I had around the house, instead of buying fabric, I used yellow and orange streamers I had left in our party box from previous events.

Obviously, the streamers are a little more delicate than fabric, but once you get a rhythm going, I had not problems! Another perk to using streamers is that they’re already the right width, you just have to make one cut!!!

I started by cutting the streamers. My kiddo was entertaining himself so I got some string I already had at home and decided to take advantage of the “free time”! I put the string over either said of a clothes hamper so it was easier to tie, portable and out of reach from little hands when my son came over to check out what I was doing!!

I thought it would be fun to have them all different lengths, but then I wished I had kept it all the same, besides that, I thought it turned out great and it cost me nothing! $3.00 if you have to buy string and streamers from Dollar Store. I’m also hadning this banner down to a friend who is having a lion themed party the following week for her son so the possibilities are endless!

DIY Streamer cheap and easy!


I also made a bunch of cute signs to put around the food which cost me nothing besides some ink in my printer! I made them in Word. You can insert a square shape, rotate it and make it the right colours or you can cheat and Google Image Construction Signs and copy and paste…I cheated!

From there, I used text boxes and put different labels on them such as wrecking balls for grapes, tools for cutlery and so on. It didn’t take a lot of time and cost me next to nothing. I taped some toothpicks to the back, and voila, a fun extra for you food table! Click here to print my party signs and save yourself some time! I thought I had cardstock paper in my printer but was wrong and didn’t want to waste the ink, but if you have, I would recommend printing on cardstock so they’re not flimsy.


Finally, my Wrecking Ball! We had the perfect box at home from a new water filter I used but I’m sure you could find something appropriate at Costco or a furniture store, even if you had to combine a few boxes! I used this How To as my inspiration but decided to turn mine into a Pinata. In the link, you’ll see they covered their box with yellow wrapping paper from Michaels but I didn’t want to spend up to $10 on wrapping paper so I painted it…in hindsight I think I would suggest meeting in the middle and getting spray paint because with all the decorations I made and doing this one last, I had had enough of painting! But oh well, the price was right! I would also recommend using some black tape to make it easier, but again, I used what I had around the house and painted it yellow and black.

DIY Balloon Pinata

The Piñata…I am a piñata virgin, I’m sure I went to parties as a child with piñatas but I have no recollection of it, I don’t ever remember swinging at a colourful thing full of candy so, as you do, I decided to jump right in and as my first piñata experience come up with a way of making my own from scratch! I found a link on Pinterest to make a piñata using a punching balloon and set to it! I found it easier to dip the strips of paper in and scrape them along the side of the casserole dish rather than just putting them all in the paste which made them soggy and impossible to work with…this was my first time doing paper mache since I was in elementary school! There were times I cried inside but by the end, I had it down and there was no looking back! I used black tissue paper (which was delicate!) for the final layer so it would be black.

DIY Wrecking Ball Pinata...Construction Themed Birthday Party
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s so important to keep the kids in mind so when I got sick of painting and it wasn’t perfect, I reminded myself that 2 year olds won’t care. When The final black layer dried and it was covered in dry white paste, I told myself 2 year olds won’t notice and if someone does, I’ll tell them it’s sand. It’s a party for small children and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the thought that counts!

After following the directions in the link (kind of!) and letting it dry I cut a small hole in the top, pulled out the balloon…I had left the elastic hanging out that came with punching balloon which made it easier to pull out. I had been impatient and didn’t let the first layer dry before continuing (I had a time limit that was the length of my son’s nap time) so when I cut it open, I let it stand for a few hours to dry the inside better. I snuck some small treats through the hole and attached it to the stand I made.

Check out next week’s pictures of the party to see everything set up and in action! Happy Party Planning!


3 thoughts on “DIY Party Decorations on a Budget! (Wrecking Ball Piñata, Banner, Food Signs)

  1. So crafty you are! It’s awesome to save money! I can’t wait to see more pictures. Great job! 🙂

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  2. […] I already had yellow and orange streamers at home in my party box so I improvised and made a cool, cheap banner with what I had around the house! I made a wreath with an extension cord and a number 2 I cut out […]


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