Planning A Party for Your Child…NOT for You!!!

The most important thing about planning a kid’s birthday party is keeping your child in mind. If your child is turning 1 or 2, you have to admit that the party is a little for you too because let’s face it, they don’t really care how many decorations you have or if you’ve been up all night trying to bake and decorate the perfect cake!

Once you’ve come to terms with realizing that it’s a about you and not just your son or daughter, you’re ready to plan a great party! Pinterest has 100s of ideas to help you but remember to keep your child in mind.

My son is turning 2 next week and on we are having a Construction Themed Party for him on Sunday. When I look on Pinterest for ideas, it seems to be a popular theme for a child’s 3rd birthday so I’ve had to improvise a few things to make sure my 2 year old and his friends get the most out of it.

There are lots of cute table setting ideas where each child is meant to sit nicely at the table, wearing a hardhat and opening a cool paper toolbox full of goodies! Well my 2 year old and his friends will not keep a hat on, will not stay at a table and would destroy that toolbox or get frustrated because they can’t open it themselves. We are having a grazing table. I will be labeling the food with fun signs (for the adults to enjoy!) but the kids will be grabbing pre-cut food so they can help themselves, because that’s just what kids do, they’re hungry when they’re hungry and they want to eat.

There were so many cool game ideas…pinning tires on a vehicle, driving or racing cars around a racetrack, working together to construct and paint a cardboard play house…these are awesome but not appropriate for toddlers. A birthday party is supposed to be fun and trying to coordinate a bunch of toddlers and insisting they play your games is not fun for anyone!!!

Our activities are going to be a bunch of tractors for free play in his sandbox, construction vehicles and playdough, construction stickers and a road picture and just running around being kids…activities that the kids can enjoy and only need supervision.

We’ve also made a Dump Truck Photo Booth which I have to be open to the idea that it will be destroyed during the party. Instead of foam props, I bought some cheap tools from the Dollar Store so they stand a chance against a bunch of young boys hyped up on cake. My only hope is that I get a few good pictures while it’s still intact…and perhaps some fun ones of it being destroyed!  I’m also in the process of making a wrecking ball piñata (how to blog to follow! Stay tuned!) I’m still not sure exactly how it will work, I think I will just set it up and if kids want to swing or hit it that’s fine and if it’s still standing, I will bring out a bat for them to take turns hitting it with a lot of adults around to help. I’ve got some healthier snacks to put in (Fruit to Gos, etc.) to justify the goodies that will be served during the party. We’re giving bubbles out for favours so they’re appropriate for all the ages of the kids at the party (0-4 years old).

Finally, the cake! I am planning a chocolate cake with tractors working on a hill covered in dirt, a.k.a. cookie crumbs. I knew immediately that if I put this in front of my son, tell him to blow out the candle and then take it away from him before he can play with the tractors, he will have a complete tantrum and will be devastated watching me cut it up!!! Instead of real toys, I splurged and bought little construction vehicle candles and a number 2 sparkler. I’m still trying to decide that without real vehicle he’ll be ok with it or if I should just put the cake out for everyone to see and let him blow a candle out on a cupcake. I really want to use the cake, we’ll see how it goes…

So there it is, I’ve got lots of (I think) fun things for the kids to do, some cool decorations that the adults and hopefully kids will appreciate and it was all planned with my 2 year old son in mind! I admit, I have fun planning parties and I get a little carried away but I everything I did, I thought, Would my kiddo like this? Will it actually work? Is it appropriate? No matter what the theme, planning and throwing a party can be so much fun, HAPPY PLANNING!


3 thoughts on “Planning A Party for Your Child…NOT for You!!!

  1. I’m excited to see pictures of the finished party! This is such a good reminder. Sometimes I feel myself trying to convince my kids of a theme, when really, why do I care? I should just run with whatever they throw at me – it’s their day 🙂

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