The Forever Changing Diaper Bag…

It's amazing how much you have to change your diaper bag to meet your child's needs every few months!

Since the day my son was born, my diaper bag’s contents are always changing! At first it was what all the books suggested…diapers, wipes, change pad, cream, hand sanitizer, bags to put dirty diapers in, nursing cover, burp pad, change of clothes, extra bib, extra blanket, a hat and an extra pair of nipple pads. That’s on top of my things…wallet, sunglasses, etc.

As my son grew and developed, so did my diaper bag! I added bottles of pumped milk, a dummie and a few toys to keep him entertained. When I figured out a baby carrier, I would try to stuff that in my bag or under the stroller…just in case he wouldn’t settle in his stroller. As he began teething I carried Oragel and baby Tylenol with the syringe…how did I ever get out of the house trying to remember all of these things?!

This giant, heavy bag that I have to lug around is like a clown car!!! Thank goodness for all the pockets to help stay organized…for the first few days! But when you’re out, grabbing things from the bag or quickly cleaning up with a crying baby, it needs to be reorganized every few days!

…In the summer I packed a sun hat, in the winter a toque, little mitts and a warm blanket. The bottle of milk switched to a sippy cup with water, I added more toys, when he started eating solids I packed snacks, I always have snacks! Now that he’s almost two, food is the most important thing I take anywhere! I am more comfortable leaving the house without diapers then without snacks! Sadly my son will sit in a wet or even dirty diaper but if I had the nerve to put him in his stroller or a shopping cart without an endless supply of snacks…look out! I’m getting nothing accomplished!

Thankfully we live in a consumer world and it’s usually quite easy to pick something up if we forget and become desperate! When I say easy, I  mean making an extra stop, unloading everything from your car and running into a store that you didn’t plan to, therefore having to cross something off your list because three stops is your child’s limit! The best thing to do is to never unpack your diaper bag and to always keep it well stocked!!! If you use your last diaper while you’re out, continually repeat “restock diapers, restock diapers” until you are home and do not stop until you have restocked your diapers, or you will forget and be stranded without them the next day. But who are we kidding, as long as you have snacks, it’s not the end of the world.

I vaguely remember my pre-parenting days when all I did was grab my wallet and keys and I was good to go! Now, every time I leave the house, I feel like I’m going away for the weekend (I wish)!!! Oh and because I have a giant overnight bag as a purse my husband thinks it only makes sense to throw his wallet and sunglasses in there too…sometimes I wish my diaper bag had wheels.

Now that summer is here again, the hat is back and I’ve also added Bandaids because my kid is always falling and scraping his knees. I keep a pair of socks just in case we go to a play centre where socks have to be worn. We’re still in diapers but soon it will be a few pairs of extra underwear and clothes, a travel potty seat and the usual…snacks, water, wipes, etc.

Being a parent keeps you on your toes, not just preventing your child from getting into everything but being on top of everything, everything you need to make your day go smoothly and help you be as productive as possible. If you ever need to prove that you’re responsible and organized for a potential job simply write parent. Anyone who has children will know you practically have a master’s degree for those skills!


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