Toddler-made Mother’s Day Cards

For special occasions such as Mother’s Day, I like to make a homemade, sentimental card for all those extra special people in my son’s life…Grandma, Ouma, GG, Great Ouma and his Godmother. None of these amazing women want a “handmade” card that I actually put together for them (and quite frankly I don’t feel the need to play with paint and glue), they want to see my kiddo’s talents, especially because these cards get sent to Manitoba, UK, South Africa and here in Calgary.

I was searching on Pinterest for a cute handmade card involving a handprint that wasn’t too difficult for my toddler to make on his own and I found a cute one with flowers in a pot.

Obviously, I didn’t hand my kid some paints and leave him to it…probably to come back to paint everywhere except the paper. No, I sat next to him, with wipes at arm’s length and I supervised. First, I helped him make the handprints and he chose the colours for the fingerprint flower petals, as you can see, some I helped with and others he was a little more independent.

Because my son is blessed with so many wonderful ladies in his life, I knew he might get tired of painting what I tell him to, so I was prepared with another piece of paper for “free painting” in between the Mother’s Day Cards and we did 3 in one sitting and 2 in the next…my toddler has limits!!

After he had made his beautiful flowers, I gave him some flower pot shaped paper which he painted with his fingers, paint brush and sponges. He chose to draw lines, or “hills” as he called them on the first three pots…a little weird but creative!

To mix it up a little, we did a cupcake for his sweet Godmother which I’m glad we did last because once I introduced him to sparkles, he didn’t want anything to do with paint!

I think they turned out pretty good and I could tell my kiddo was proud of his work! They’re no Hallmarks but I think they’re cute!


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