My son won’t eat potatoes unless they’re French Fries. I’ve even tried to disguise baked potatoes, cutting them length wise to look like fries but nothing gets past my kiddo! My friend sent me a pin from Kandeeland of cute hippo baked potatoes, hippo-tatoes! So I thought this would be a fun, non deep-fried potato dish to try for my son!

I want to make it clear that I am not a food artist and that if you watch the video on the pin, the two sisters have had practice and don’t have a whiney toddler crawling up their legs. Just saying. Please don’t judge my hippos.

I did mine a little differently then Kandeeland, I did a double baked version so I scraped 1/2 of the insides out, mixed it with cheese and sour cream and stuffed it back in, so mine doesn’t have the nice open mouth look. I also used bacon as teeth instead of onions because I didn’t want to have to put little toothpicks in my son’s food and well, we’re a house of bacon lovers! I used raisons for the eyes.

Originally I thought my kiddo would have fun helping me make them but he was a little too grouchy to help. He helped stir the mashed filling but decided he’d rather cry at my feet instead….awesome. Thankfully my husband arrived home from work halfway through the hippo-tatoe creations!

My little guy was pretty excited about the hippo on his plate and ate the raisons but we also had corn on the cob that night which is his all time favourite so it was hard to compete. He didn’t eat much of the potato unfortunately, but he did try it, which he usually doesn’t do for different potato dishes so I was happy! My husband and I enjoyed them and ate them all, maybe we’ll try them again in a few months and see if we have more success! I think this would be a fun meal that you and your older child could cook and decorate together!!


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