my mom, my grandmas, my inspirations

I know I don’t  normally write on a Sunday, and of all Sundays, Mother’s Day should definitely be a day I take off but I wanted to make an exception to pay tribute to some of the wonderful mothers and grandmothers in my life.

I am loving my Etsy Shop and all the fun things I have been asked to make and I have 3 amazing, strong women to thank for my creativity and courage.    

1. My Mom. My mom came to Canada for a holiday in her twenties, met my dad and left everything she knew in England and started a new life with my dad in Canada. Growing up I always remember her encouraging my creativity. We made Pysanka, Dream Catchers and all kinds of neat crafts. I used to make my own crafts and set up shop in our living room, selling things such as a sun catcher (a colouring with vaseline smeared on it to make it transparent) and my mom would always bring her coins and help me earn my pocket money by purchasing these beautiful handmade goods for 5-10c. We once took a card making class together and I thank her for supporting and encouraging me all my life.

2. My Paternal Grandmother. My Grandma was born in Ukraine and came to Canada in 1914 with her family. She was a hard worker and even against the norm of her day, opened and ran her own flower shop in the town I grew up in. She first introduced me to knitting, although I didn’t quite pick it up with her and we spent countless afternoons doing beadwork and different crafts in her kitchen. My grandmother with her creativity and entrepreneur mind was definitely an inspiration to me.

3. My Maternal Grandmother. My Grandma was born and raised in the UK and was also a very hardworking lady. Losing her father at a young age lead to little money so she had no choice but to be creative. She also worked outside of the home, again not a norm for that generation, as a nurse and even received an award for Nurse of the Year. She was the one who really taught me to knit, we touched on sewing and she taught me that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Which I have found to be very true with both my husband and son. I especially am thankful for my grandma today, as not only is it Mother’s Day but it is also the 2 year anniversary of her passing. Every time I pull out my knitting needles which I inherited from her, I think of her and those long hours, her getting frustrated with me for dropping yet another stitch but still sitting down with me and patiently showing me (again) how to fix it.

I am forever grateful for these 3 special ladies who have influenced my life. Who have inspired me in so many ways and who have always encouraged and appreciated my creative side.


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