7. A Week’s Worth of Fresh Air…Wing It!

Grab some sunscreen, put on a hat and just wing it. You don’t always need a plan, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our children have the ability to use their imagination and explore the world around them, so let them! Over the last 6 days, we’ve given them ideas of what to do, we’ve enabled them to entertain themselves, so let them. The ball is in their court!

Get some toys out, maybe the bucket from the scavenger hunt or the shovel from yard work, make things accessible and see what your kid wants to do! What do you think they enjoyed most? Bring along some snacks and a blanket, maybe some bubbles. Let them decide. The world is their oyster and we don’t always have to plan everything for them, let them experience it on their own (safe) terms, maybe they’ll even come up with some new and fun activities for you both to do! Maybe (don’t hold your breath) they might even entertain themselves and you can just sit back and watch the little love of your life enjoy the sunshine. Or at least one can dream!

My kiddo loves, loves, loves pushing his lawn mower around, digging in the garden and just walking around exploring. I put a few toys out for him and he chose his lawn mower and to go for a bike ride over the bumps. I didn’t make any suggestions besides the few toys I put out for him. Kids love independence and freedom and while outside, enjoying the fresh air, is the prefect time to give them that freedom! 


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