6. A Week’s Worth of Fresh Air…Blow Bubbles!

It’s been pretty windy here the last few days so we don’t even have to lose our breath, we can just hold the bubble wand up and dozens of bubbles will fly out! My son loves bubbles. Bubble Baths, blowing bubbles, he just loves them.

We take turns, I blow the bubbles or wave the wand around and my son runs after them, trying to catch them all and pop them. He wants a turn, he dips the wand into the bubbles, pulls it out with excitement, and covers me with sticky bubbles…again…and again.

I often make my own bubbles with Dawn Dish Soap, water and syrup but I haven’t found them as good as the bought ones so I’m still experimenting with different recipes and ratios (I’ll let you know if I come up with my own super bubble recipe!)

We have big wands, little wands, this summer I would love to buy a hoola hoop and fill a kiddy pool with bubbles and blow giant ones! I love bubbles because although they’re best outside with the wind and lots of space to run and chase them, you can also blow them inside on a hard floor that’s easy to clean up, in the bath or in frigid temperatures in the winter so they freeze.

They’re another fun, cheap and easy activity to do with your kids outside while enjoying the fresh air!


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