2. A Week’s Worth of Fresh Air…Have a Picnic!

My son eats nonstop, he’s always asking for a snack, even if he’s just eaten a meal! So I decided to spice it up a little! You don’t need to go all out with a picnic basket but I love picnics and use my picnic basket any chance I get! It only took me a few minutes to get mine out, wash a couple plates after they’d been stored all winter and throw some snacks in there before heading outside! I laid out our blanket, gave us each a plate and some food and we had a feast!

My kiddo loved eating outside, he was able to do all the things he loved (that weren’t too dirty!) and come back and graze when he felt like it! I loved it because I watched my kiddo run around the yard while relaxing on a blanket and stuffing my face…also guarding the food from our dogs!

Another great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine! …now I just need to get my son a hat that fits!!!


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