3. A Week’s Worth of Fresh Air…Do Some Yard Work!

Although this picture was taken last week and it wasn’t as nice out, I was still in a t-shirt and my son refused to let me take his toque or warm jacket off.

We are digging and building a sunken fire pit. It’s not fair to watch the tractors and diggers only a hundred yards down the road dig a giant hole in a few minutes while we have spent weeks with our little shovels (mine is a bit bigger) and barely made a dent. I try to look tired as they drive by, but so far they haven’t offered to help!! How rude!!

My kiddo loves helping because once we fill the tractor trailer, we get to go for a tractor ride to dump the dirt, just like the big tractors! But he has just as much fun digging and filling his bucket, carrying rocks that we find in the ground and of course, taking breaks from his hard labour to “cut the grass” with his toy mower.

You don’t always have to be doing big projects to get outside and do yard work together. A couple days ago, my son had loads of fun filling up our watering cans with rain water and watering the plants outside. When I weed, he digs next to me and helps put the non-thistly weeds in a bucket. As I mentioned in a previous post, he…for some reason…enjoys spotting dog poop in our yard while I pick it up with the pooper scooper.

As a parent, there is always a to-do list a mile long, so sometimes you have to find creative ways to get something productive done while still spending time with your kids and letting them enjoy some fresh air!


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