1. A Week’s Worth of Fresh Air…Go For a Walk!

Spring is here, the weather (atleast here) is beautiful! So put on a hat, maybe some sunscreen and get out there and enjoy it. I know it’s not the beginning of a calendar week but because I don’t post everyday, I decided it doesn’t matter if I start midweek. If the nice weather can start now, so can I. So this is the first post for a Week’s Worth of Fresh Air.

My son LOVES being outside. Yesterday I took some potatoes outside and peeled and cut them up on a chopping board in the middle of our grass, just to give my kiddo an extra 10 minutes outside.

One of our favourite things to do outside is go for a walk. Sometimes we go for a long walk in his stroller or bike, other times we just take it with us and he likes to walk on his own or push his bike. Other times we just spend countless hours walking around our yard, him sometimes pushing his toy lawn mower, other times we just walk around pointing out what we see, there’s always something to look at when you’re outside.

We’re fortunate enough to live in the country and have a big yard to walk around and see all kinds of neat things. We don’t have any nearby playground to walk to, but we still enjoy walking down our road and pointing out EVERYTHING we see.

We use all our senses. When my son hears beeping or a loud engine, he knows there is a tractor near by and we both try to spot it and figure out where to go to get the best glimpse of his all time favourite thing. He knows the sound of a jet engine and looks up in the sky to see a plane flying over our house. We hear birds and spot them in the trees. He points out the water in the ditch down the road when he sees it and maybe the ducks if they’re there. He points out the bumps on our driveway when we ride over them and now he remembers where they are and calls out “bump!” before we even get there. There has been ongoing construction at the end of our road since we moved in so that is often our destination, my son can’t walk there fast enough to get a close up of all the tractors and trucks at work.

So what are you waiting for?! Get outside and go for a walk. Go to the park, go for ice cream or to a shop, walk around your yard or your neighbourhood. Take it all in, get some fresh air because I hate to say it so soon, but time flies and before we know it, summer will be over! So let’s make the most of it while we can! 🙂


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