Imaginative Play

It’s so cool watching my kid play. Before it was pretty basic interactive toys, typical baby stuff, but now he’s getting creative and it’s awesome!

Before he used to sit there and just move his vehicles back and forth but now they have a purpose. He drives his cars and tractors around the house, when he goes from tile to wood he says bump, when he drives over a blanket in the middle of the floor, or attempts to drive over a dog, he says hill. A few days ago he started picking up the pipe cleaners from the crate activity and putting them in the front of the tractor and said it was dirt! How creative is he?! Sparkly colourful things have suddenly become dirt the tractor is collecting and carrying! Sometimes he puts animals or people on top of the vehicles to drive them. It is so cool to watch his imagination develop and go wild!

He cooks me food on his BBQ and we take turns pretending to eat it. I sometimes give him empty giftcards in a checkout line to keep him entertained and he started pretending it was a phone, pushing imaginary buttons on it and than putting it to his ear and saying hello! The other day I thought it was so cute when he put some fishy crackers in a toy car and took them for a ride…but then the next day he stuffed some pear in the same car, which wasn’t as cute and made me question if he really was taking the fishies for a ride after all…?

Either way, pretend or imaginative play is so important in a child’s development, encouraging language, expressing emotions and more. I am so thrilled my little guy is entering this next stage in his childhood and can’t wait to see it unravel more, especially with other children. Of course, he isn’t fully there yet, this is only the beginning. But as he grows, he will develop more depth to his play and his imagination will continue to grow.

Having a toddler is stressful, but watching them grow and develop into little human beings is amazing!


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