Having a Boy…

I have a son. I love him more than life itself and wouldn’t change it for the world. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and never super girly so, if I’m honest, I was kind of relieved when we had a boy, I’ve spent a lot of time with young boys and know what to expect…up to a point.

Let’s get the negative bit out of the way because there are, of course, some downsides to having a boy. Every time you walk into a clothes shop, you literally have half the selection that you would have if you were shopping for a daughter. There are way more reasonably priced cute outfits for little girls, than little boys. It’s just not fair. But I think the biggest downside, is that you really have to be on guard for those first few months when changing diapers, look out! My husband and I each got sprayed a few times, yuck!

I hear rumours that little girls are more likely to sit quietly and play with dolls or take their baby for a walk while boys, and especially my son, run around the house, struggling to keep an inside voice and anything that has wheels around is RACED around the house at full speed. They love to climb, want to get into everything and are just so so busy. I mean nonstop busy. I get tired just watching him. Thankfully, when he eventually gets sleepy he loves cuddles and cuddles with my little guy are my favourite!

Having a son is so much fun. We get to be silly together, stomping around like big dinosaurs, roaring like a lion, snorting like a pig. We drive trucks and tractors around the living room making loud vroom noises. We play in the dirt, well I garden with gloves on and he gets right in there! Having a boy is literally having constant noise in your house, covered in dirt…no matter how many times you seem to wipe their face and wash their hands, they always seem to be filthy!?!?!


Having a son has taught me so many things I never knew, and so many things I never cared about. I know about diggers and bulldozers, backhoes and cranes. When we’re out in the car, I’ve become almost as excited as my little guy when we spot a school bus or tractor digging dirt…what’s happened to me? What’s happened to me is my son, I am a mother of a little boy who is obsessed with all boy things, therefore boy things are suddenly the centre of my world too, whether I like it or not. Having a son is amazing, it definitely keeps you on your toes, often gives you a headache and is the best thing that ever happened to me!


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