The Bucket List for Summer with a Toddler

Now that, I hope, the good weather is here to stay, I want to take advantage of it. My little guys loves, I mean loves, being outside and would live outside if I’d let him, so I want to do as many fun activities outside as we can.

Yesterday, we were playing on the deck. I gave my kiddo his toy watering can and showed him how to gently water my pots of succulents. I took his toy BBQ out there and put it next to the real one so he could BBQ or braai like daddy does. I even took his little IKEA table out there so we could have a picnic for lunch. I think sometimes I forget my kid is only one and I try to do too many preschool activities with him, but oh well, I think we still have fun. I wouldn’t recommend the picnic idea though, everything was too knew and exciting for him to stay at the table and eat left over spaghetti. I ended up taking him inside to sit at the regular table, strapped into his booster seat, but than he wouldn’t eat because he was too upset about being inside. I tried.

So here are some things I want to do with my little guy this summer…

bucket list pic

making the most of summer with a toddler, my bucketlist


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