Spring Has Sprung!

I love hot weather. I look forward to snow in September, I enjoy playing in the snow and participating in winter activities, but by January/February, it starts to get old. I am ready for Spring. I am ready to be outside and working in the yard.  I am ready to plant my first ever garden.

For the past 2 years I have been trying to turn my black thumb green, and I’m getting there. I grew up with a vegetable garden and what my mom didn’t plant, we got from neighbours or friends who had too much. Nothing beats fresh produce from a garden. It is scary how different a carrot from the grocery store tastes to one you, yourself pulled out of the ground. My goal, feed my family healthy, home grown food.

Yesterday, my son and I planted some herbs and vegetables. I put on his apron, got his sandbox shovel and he helped fill the jiffy pots with soil…making a bit of a mess. But it’s good for him to be involved and learn about how things grow, even if he won’t fully understand it this year. None the less, we talked about how we put the seeds in mud, give it water and put it near the window so it can get sunshine. It can’t hurt.

So after making a mess and getting as much soil in the pots as around them, he planted the bean seeds and I planted the rest. We covered the seeds with soil, he put the labeled popsicle sticks in the pots. He helped me water them and we placed them behind a barrier next to the window. Fingers crossed more will grow than last year.

Last year I had 2 tiny carrots, some dill, basil and chives. In my defence, we were away all of May so they were moved to a lovely friend’s house who cared for them, and than moved to our new home in June. Oh, and than transplanted into a cedar planter box. So I didn’t have high hopes. But this year will be different. They have already received extra TLC from my son and I (this could go either way!). They will only be transplanted once, into a nice big raised garden bed that my husband is making for me out of pallets! We will put double height snow fence around the garden so the deer aren’t tempted to munch on anything!  Plus my mom is coming for a visit and she has a gift for reviving plants that I kill. This year, I am feeling good about things! I will have a garden. I will successfully grow things. It’s going to be good!


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

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