Children @ Weddings

This July my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We wanted children at our wedding, we saw it as a time to celebrate our love with everyone close to us, even if all our guests didn’t follow proper wedding etiquette.

We didn’t have a lot of children attend, but the five who did were great! The only incident was our friend’s child apparently yelled out “ewww gross!” when we kissed. I didn’t hear it at the front of the church, but we thought it was hilarious when we were told!

A lot of couples are choosing to have adult only weddings in fear there will be misbehaved children making noise and running around, disrupting their special day. Although, it’s mainly up to the parents to be responsible for their children’s behaviour, there is also a lot a couple can do to help the day run smoothly, even with children!

If you are going to have a lot of children at your wedding there are lots of great ideas on Pinterest, such as a bean bag toss decorated with wedding images. You can print out I Spy Games for children to play, give them a disposable camera and ask them to take pictures of certain things or just go wild, there are endless ideas.

My husband and I made colouring books with pictures of ourselves in it and gave it out as a favour to the children at the reception. From what I heard, it worked well and entertained the children during speeches. What we didn’t do was give the kids anything to do during the ceremony, the part of the day where it’s quiet and kids have to sit still. Besides the disgust expressed at us kissing, I didn’t notice any problems.  But I can imagine it’s a different story if you have a few dozen kids attending.

colouring book

Well, I have a solution for all you brides to be and wedding planners! This felt board is a quiet activity you can provide to the children at your wedding during the ceremony. The kids can use their imaginations to design dozens of different images with the shapes provided. If they drop a piece, it doesn’t bang If they take pieces out, it doesn’t crinkle. The activity itself, is completely silent.

You did it. You are now husband and wife and your master plan worked, the children at your wedding ceremony were kept busy and quiet so the adults can enjoy your union. Now for the reception, I have just the thing! Custom Colour Me Placemats! Put these at the table settings where you have arranged for the children to be sat at. The adults can enjoy the funny and heartfelt speeches while the children colour and complete the activities. Brilliant.

Follow my Pinterest board: Children @ Weddings for more great ideas!


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