Coming to Terms with a Minivan

When I got my licence at 16, I had the privilege of cruising around in my parents M2K, Montana 2000, minivan. It wasn’t my first choice as a teenager, but I was grateful for a set of wheels to get me to and from work and out with my friends.

After doing my minivan stint as a teenager, I felt that was it, I put in my time, I would never have to drive a soccer-mom-vehicle again. No, I would be a cool mom, I would drive an SUV.

Well, times have changed. My husband who, for some unknown reason, loves car shopping, has compared all the SUVs with our RAV4 and because the old RAV is so amazing and spacious, most SUVs or crossovers are only a few inches bigger than the RAV, so we would be spending a lot of money on a new vehicle without getting anymore space.  The only vehicle that makes sense, he says, is a minivan. Ugh.

Why not stick with the RAV you say? Why do you need more space? Well, my husband needs a new vehicle anyway, so he will inherit the RAV (I know it’s not new, but we’ve looked at the options and it makes sense). We have one child, so far, and two dogs. I shop at Costco, a lot. We travel across country to visit friends and family. We have friends and family from out of town staying with us more often than not. The RAV, as amazing as it is, can be a tight squeeze.

The minivan. I’ve been trying to come to terms with owning and driving a minivan. I’ve talked to friends who own minivans, and I roughly quote, “I really like it, I don’t love it, but I really like it, it makes sense” or “it makes me sad when I see it parked outside, but it’s really nice inside, you should get one.” Not overly convincing, but I appreciate their honesty. They let me test theirs out and I have to admit, they are nice. They make sense. It meets all the needs for a growing family. But it’s a minivan.

My husband did more research. Having two Toyotas already, we were partial to the Sienna, but compared it to the others on the market just to be safe. We decided we liked the Sienna, it has everything we want in a minivan. Because now we are parents who are researching and wanting a minivan.

After test driving the Sienna, I have to admit, I’m sold. I will not be a “soccer-mom”. I don’t live in the suburbs. I will not be a taxi driver for children. I will not be a cliche. But I will drive a minivan and I will drive it with pride. But not just any minivan, I will drive the Swagger Wagon.



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