Dining Out with a Toddler

Going to a restaurant with a toddler, a break from cooking? Yes. A break from cleaning? Not if you have the courtesy to tidy up the disaster your toddler makes. A relaxing meal out? NO.

When I go to a restaurant with my toddler, I go prepared. I bring food as an appetizer for him to snack on until his order arrives, I bring toys to play with, I have my phone for when I get desperate. Sometimes we go for a walk around the restaurant or to the bathroom while we wait. We make towers with the creamer tubs, colour on the menu if it’s available or until he spills his drink on it and it’s a soggy mess.

When I go to a restaurant with my toddler it’s all about him. Sure I visit, but I’m always focused on my son. Is he keeping his voice down? Has he dropped or thrown anything on the ground? Is he disturbing anyone? When I go to a restaurant, I don’t like to be disturbed by misbehaved children, including my own, so I do everything I can to make sure he’s on his best behaviour.

I just added this to my list of things to bring to a restaurant with my toddler, our custom Colour Me Placemat. I made it by taking a picture of him and turning it into a colouring book page with a few add ons and than I laminated it. We tried it out this afternoon with some crayons and he was pretty impressed to see himself in colouring book form. The best part is, it wipes clean with a tissue!

Until my Quiet Book is complete, this will be going with me to restaurants, appointments, church, you name it. And if he gets bored colouring a picture of himself, he can flip it over to the blank side and create his own drawings!

Find out more about these custom gems in my Etsy Shop or Facebook Page. They make great gifts and unique party or wedding favours! Discounts for bulk orders!



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