When Your Baby is Sick

The worst part of being a parent is seeing your child sick. You want to help them and make everything better, but it’s not always that simple. We’re responsible for our little ones but, for the most part, their health is out of our control, we have to care for them, give them cuddles and let the illness take it’s course.

My husband and I are very blessed that we have a healthy child. He’s had a few colds here and there but nothing major so far. I am forever grateful of this and have the upmost respect and admiration for those parents who are always caring for a sick child, especially when it’s something serious that their poor angel is having to deal with.

My son had a fever and wasn’t himself this week and than yesterday he woke up covered in a rash. I don’t want to be a burden to the health system and I also don’t like waiting for hours in a waiting room with my little guy, especially when he’s not well, but I worry. So when my son gets sick, the first thing I usually do is text or FaceTime Dr. Grandma. She’s great. She always puts my mind at rest and gives me the facts, or helps me research them.

From our research this time, it looks like my little guy has Roseola, so we just have to wait it out. He had a great Easter morning looking for his eggs that the Easter bunny left for him but we had to stay home in case he’s contagious, plus he’s pretty tired. It’s nothing like the pain that Jesus endured, but it’s still awful to see my baby suffering, let’s hope he’s back to his happy self soon.



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