I love chocolate. My grandma (also a chocolate lover) always said, there’s nothing wrong with eating chocolate, it’s calcium. I believe this to be true.

We are still trying to get through our Halloween chocolate but I can’t say no to mini eggs and creme eggs, I’m human. But I do try to limit all that sweet stuff for my son without taking the fun away. Here is what I plan on filling his Easter basket with.

  • Easter themed Stickers
  • A plastic egg filled with jelly beans and a printout of the prayer below.
  • A few small toys
  • A spring themed tshirt (I don’t know what that looks like for a boy but someone suggested it and I think it’s a cute idea, so we’ll see what I can find.)
  • I like the bunny money pic below too but we don’t have $1 bills in Canada and I think a few coins in a plastic egg would be more appropriate for my son’s piggy bank at his age.
  • Colouring book
  • Fishy cracker carrot bags

Fun ideas for an Easter Basket that isn't all chocolate!

My son is at the age where my husband and I want to start traditions, combining some from our own childhoods and some new ones as our own family. We also want to combine the fun and childhood innocence of the Easter bunny and chocolate part of the holiday but without forgetting the reason why we, as Christians, actually celebrate Easter. Our son is obviously too young to understand anything this year, but we still want to be mindful of this as we choose our traditions and ways of celebrating.

This Sunday morning, we will tell our son the Easter bunny came and hid chocolate eggs for him. My son will probably get that cute, excited smirk on his face that he gets when he hears the word ‘chocolate’. We will head downstairs to find the eggs before our dogs beat us to it. My guess is, he will find the first egg and than just want to eat it, not realizing the long term gain of continuing the search. After getting our child hyped up on chocolate, we will have a nice breakfast together and than go to church, dropping our sugar high child off at nursery.


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