How you know when your Baby has become a Toddler

  1. “No!”
  2. They suddenly become too clever for their own good.
  3. Tantrums. Tantrums at home, tantrums in public, tantrums anywhere and everywhere.
  4. They repeat everything you don’t want them to! “Say sorry.” …nothing. “$#@!” …”$#@!” …crap…“crap” …sigh.
  5. You wonder whether your once sweet baby could be bipolar or perhaps you should consider an acting career for them, how can they turn it on and off like that?!
  6. Suddenly all the foods you thought they loved aren’t edible anymore and deserve to be thrown on the floor.
  7. Getting dressed is now a form of torture.
  8. Cute splashes in the bath have now become a tidal wave onto the bathroom floor.
  9. They’re opinionated, I don’t care if there’s snow on the ground, I want to wear my flip flops or just try to get me out of this house on time!
  10. Changing a diaper, especially if it’s messy, is like being in the WWF! Sometimes I catch myself counting how long I can hold him down.
  11. “Mine!”
  12. You can teach them cool things but when you want to show off their new talents, no chance, they don’t perform for nobody. …Maybe scrap the acting career idea.
  13. They want to be like you but the toy phone and remote doesn’t cut it.
  14. They become fascinated with babies but haven’t quite mastered gentleness. They also think older children are babies?!
  15. They become as fast as lighting, before it was rolling or scooting across the floor, but now they completely disappear in seconds! …“sweetheart? Where arrrrre you???”😬
  16. I want up. You lift them up. They squirm and push away so you put them back down. They cry, “Up!” You try again, same thing happens, you explain the obvious, “No I just lifted you up and you wanted down again, you can stay down now.” Tantrum.
  17. They share when and what they want to, when you insist they share all toys, tantrum. When you take the toy away for not sharing, tantrum.
  18. If acting doesn’t workout, perhaps they have a future as a spy or CIA agent…how are they so quiet and sneaky when doing something they’re not supposed to be doing?!
  19. …or a detective, “where did you find that?!?! No! Dirty! …not in your mouth!”
  20. “No, no no!” I’m beginning to hate that word.



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