How do I love thee? Let me Count the ways…

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. It was 20’C outside, tshirt weather. The sun beamed off the mountains. There was no snow, it was spring. 

We packed the car and headed east. It was my first drive from our home outside of Calgary to my parents’ in Manitoba, approximately 1,370kms, in a year and a half and I was a bit apprehensive doing the drive with a toddler. We decided to drive through the night so our son would be more likely to sleep. We are also a lot more tired these days than when we looked forward to the drive pre baby.

Although my son refused to nap that afternoon (it’s happening!!! 😭), he still didn’t fall asleep until about 8:30pm, over an hour after his regular bedtime. He did great though, besides waking up a bit confused when we stopped for gas and bathroom breaks, he slept until we pulled into my parent’s drive.

The drive went well. My husband did the first part until Regina, while I got some rest, and than I took over so he could sleep. Although I had checked the forecast and spoke with my parents about the weather, I was in the mindset of spring. I had put my vest on a chair by the door to grab on the way out, but it was so hot at home that I completely forgot, even when I did the final walk around the house. When I got out of the car in a light sweater in Regina, I was freezing. I filled the car up with gas so the fresh air would wake me up. My husband had also forgotten to pack anything warm, he wore only a tshirt. There was snow on the ground and spring was back west.

As I drove on through the night, seeing the snow covered ditches, I kept muttering to myself, “I love my family and friends in Manitoba, they’re worth the cold”. It’s true of course, I celebrated last Christmas in -40 to be with family and friends here, although I have softened and become a total wuss to Manitoba winters…and mosquitoes…and snow here when there’s no snow at home in Alberta.

I left beautiful sunny weather and returned to my childhood home where gas is ten cents more to spend a week with all my loved ones who I miss when I’m not here. Manitoba isn’t one of the top holiday destinations of the world, but if you grew up here or have someone close to you living here, you still look forward to coming back, despite the cold. Although I plan on doing all my visiting in doors, I’m so excited to be back and visit with everyone! I just won’t think about how everyone back in Alberta is outside wearing shirts.

Fortunately, I was more organized for my little guy, him and his grandma are now outside exploring the yard all bundled up while I sit inside, not wanting to venture out until I have to.

 My mom, who isn’t originally from Manitoba and also doesn’t like the cold, is a trooper!


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