My New Found Love…

I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!!!

I love felt, you can do so many fun things with it, such as finger puppets, airplane tray covers or moose magnets…to name a few. My latest discovery and obsession for felt is Quiet Books. They get me giddy inside. I’ve been searching on Pinterest over the last few weeks, trying to learn everything I can about making them and have started one for my son, but it’s still in the very early stages.

quiet book pages

There are so many theme ideas and choices! As you can see, I’m doing some farm pages for my kiddo’s book right now.  I haven’t decided yet, but I don’t think I’ll do a theme, I’ll probably just do a custom one for him that covers all of his favourite things! So far I’ve decided to have the finger puppets to play with around the barn/farm. A dump truck or tractor page. Some kind of matching, maybe the washing machine and socks or bubblegum machine. A food page, probably build your own pizza.  What do you think?  Check out my Pinterest Page and help me decide!  Please! I want to do them all and can’t narrow it down!! 😦

As much as I want to make a hundred page book, I’ve been looking at some amazing Quiet Books on Etsy and these beauties aren’t cheap! It makes sense, you use a lot of fabric to make them, there’s a lot of detail and it takes hours upon hours to put one’s creations together into such a beautiful Book. But I want to make mine as affordable as possible because Quiet Books are now, in my mind, a must have for every child! I still haven’t decided how I can keep the detail and quality and keep the price to a minimum without opening an illegal sweatshop in my basement, but I’m determined to come up with a way.

Why are they a must have? Well, let me tell you! They are amazing! Look out for a blog in the new future about transitioning your child from nap time to quiet time…with activities such as a Quiet Book! Do you attend church and need to keep your child quiet and busy during the service? I have just the thing, a Quiet Book! A long car ride ahead? Quiet Book. Trying to keep a child entertained in a waiting room for an appointment? Quiet Book. Have a wedding coming up? How will you keep your child quiet during the ceremony? That’s right, you quessed it! A Quiet Book! The list is endless! I hope you fall madly in love as I have, and if you do, I’ll happily create your perfect soulmate of a Quiet Book for your child.


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