I never really saw the point of hashtagging and if I’m honest, I don’t fully understand it. I know it has it’s benefits, using hashtags links you to people around the world who have similar interests, such as #dogsofInstagram…I think that’s a thing. It can add a humorous tag line to a post. But I think what’s kept me from hashtagging is the privacy side of it and tagging personal pictures. I believe it’s the new album, connecting all your pictures as you gradually add them, which is cool, as long as you keep it private, but will that always be the case?

I’ve always used Facebook to stay connected with friends and family around the world and have kept my privacy settings high. I put pictures of my family and myself on the Internet to share with people I know. It terrifies me that if I add a hashtag to my child’s picture, thousands of people might be linked to it one day. Not just any people, creepy people, maybe perverts! That scares me so much that it’s not worth the risk in my mind!

I often wonder what the future holds for our children. When they apply for a job, will their potential employers Google them as they do now? What will they find? Embarrassing photos that their parents posted of them as they were growing up? Blogs and articles sharing personal and private information? How will this affect them? Will it just be the norm and not an issue or are we jeopardizing our children’s future and potential by sharing every photo of them and every story?

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I post pictures of myself and my family on Facebook. I try to keep the really embarrassing stuff between close friends and family via texting or, if you can believe it, I share the story out loud and in person like the good old days.

So here’s the thing. I’ve decided to start hashtagging. Why? Well, with myraecreations, I want to reach thousands of people around the world, even the creepy ones. I keep my family as anonymous as possible on the blog out of respect for them because it’s not my place to spread my son’s personal information around the web. Besides, doing it online isn’t as fun as embarrassing him in front of his friends when you can see their faces! And what a letdown if his future sibling tells his future girlfriend an embarrassing story of his childhood and instead of laughing, her response is “yeah, I read that online.” 

I also think I need to keep up with technology because if I drop the ball on hashtags, what’s next? I need to keep up so in ten years when my kids are obsessed with technology and I have to worry about cyber bullying and what they’re looking at or whatever the issues of the time will be, I’ll stand a fighting chance. I won’t look at the computer or Hologram Headset, or whatever the technology of the future is and think, Where do I begin?

So please be patient with me as I learn to hashtag for myraecreations and respect that I respect my family and I don’t hashtag them or mention them in the blog, opening their world up to whoever or whatever’s out there searching for them. #paranoid.


2 thoughts on “#hashtagging

  1. I really liked this post. A lot of good, interesting points. Sharing things online is something I always struggle with. I’m constantly going back and forth with myself – I don’t want to put too much info about my kids or family on the internet for many of the reasons you mention – mainly the long term ramifications, and the creepy people that could take advantage of it. Then I think, screw it, it seems like everyone else shares stuff online, and nothing bad comes of it. Or I feel ‘safe’ because I have a private Instagram account that I post all the pictures of my kids on (so family and close friends can see them), but realistically, anything on the internet is public property. Nothing is TRULY private. And like you mentioned, social media is so great for networking, and connecting with others with the same interests, etc., especially as I don’t really have any ‘real life’ friends that share some of my interests/hobbies. Ugh… such a can of worms! Definitely a lot to think about in this modern, technology filled world!
    P.S. – I’m really enjoying your blog! You write so well!

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    • Thanks!!!! Yes it’s definitely a stressful topic, hopefully we can find a safe balance to share and connect with people around the world without jeopardizing our loved ones safety 🙂


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