Reality sucks.

Let’s start at the beginning.

A few weeks ago, my husband noticed that one of the hot water tanks was acting up so he arranged for someone to come in on the Monday to have a look at it. That weekend, before anyone could come, our furnace room was flooded from a broken hot water tank. We called an emergency service in, they disconnected it and rerouted it so everything went through one water tank. A temporary solution until we decided what we wanted to do.

We have a Nest. The most amazing thermostat to ever exist (in my opinion). While packing up the hotel room in Mexico, my husband went into the Nest App and turned up the heat so we could come home to a warm house. An hour later he checked the App to see if it was working as usual, it wasn’t, the temperature hadn’t budged. Crap.

We arrived home and as mentioned before, it was cold. My husband determined it was the thermocouple (???). He had a busy week ahead of him at work and didn’t have time to fix it himself so the next morning I called someone to come in and fix it for us.

They came that afternoon, great I thought, a quick fix.

The technician was shocked at the condition of our furnaces, both having cracks in them, both needing to be replaced, both technically illegal to run due to carbon monoxide risks. Crap.

We had known we would have to replace them soon as they were old but we weren’t planning for it now.

After a day of quotes and bargaining with different companies we came to a plan we were satisfied with which included air conditioning! Woohoo! No overheating for us this summer!

Monday morning came, the technicians arrived on time. The dogs barked (ugh!). I showed them everything, they got to work.

It started to snow.

Ok, so the temperature is dropping outside, not ideal, but our furnaces are being installed, we will have heat again soon!

One of the technicians came upstairs, the dogs barked (ugh!). I followed him downstairs to get away from the barking and for him to show me that our remaining hot water tank is now also leaking. Crap. I called my husband. We arranged for them to also replace the hot water tank.

I’m sick. Over the weekend I got a bad cold. I have had a morning of barking dogs, a whiney toddler, drilling and a headache. But we’re getting everything taken care of and we will have heat again soon…or so I keep telling myself!

It’s snowing more.

The technician emerged from the basement yet again, the dogs barked (ugh!), he tells me that he needs to disconnect the hot water tank because water is now pouring out of it. Crap.

No heat, no hot water, no sunshine.  Enough of the pity party.

My husband was able to come home early afternoon. The dogs don’t bark as much when he’s home, as if I can’t hold my own or something! Finally, no barking. My son goes for his nap. I go for a nap. A third technician arrives. There is talk of having atleast some form of heat by the end of the day. It’s still snowing, but there’s hope.


One thought on “Reality sucks.

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