Back to Reality

Well it’s been a few days since we arrived home from Mexico, it’s scary how quickly you fall back into routine and the relaxation and taste of luxury soon becomes a distant memory…

On Wednesday morning we were enjoying our last walk around the resort, our last cappuccino with Baileys for breakfast and our last 2 Miami Vices. From there, we took our last stressful bus ride with my son not in his car seat, passing 2 accidents in the 45 minute drive to arrive at a disorganized and busy airport.

Relaxation fading, stress levels rising…

After finally getting checked in, we went through security and had over 2 hours to kill. We checked out the shops, buying some cheap Kalhua, had lunch and encouraged our son to run off as much energy as he could before being stuck on a plane for 5 1/2 hours.

It was past his nap time. He was grouchy. I wasn’t feeling 100%. I was a little grouchy. We finally boarded the plane after a short delay.


As I mentioned before, we were able to move to a row with trays, but we weren’t told that it was a downgrade from the elite seats we had booked so my poor husband was very cramped. My little guy was so exhausted but couldn’t get comfortable and was too distracted by everything going on around him. I got a migraine.


After making up some time we landed back in Calgary ahead of schedule (woohoo!), made it through customs and grabbed our luggage. Before we knew it we were home. Home sweet home. But it was cold. Not just back in Canada after Mexico cold, it was cold! Our furnace had conked out and my hubby couldn’t get it to work again.


After spending Thursday with technicians and different companies coming to give us quotes, we are now getting two new furnaces and air conditioning installed early next week. There are bills to pay, appointments to keep and a house to run. I still have my tan but relaxing on the beach seems so long ago. I hope we make these trips an annual event! I think I’m ready for the next one already! 


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