Um waiter…?

After a restful sleep in our own bed, I was awakened by the usual morning call from my son. After a quick diaper change, we headed downstairs and there was no prepared buffet waiting for us to devour and no waiter bringing me a Baileys cappuccino with my breakfast! What the heck??? Sure I could make my own, but now I’m back in the country where it’s frowned upon to drink cocktails before noon, let alone 10am! I will have to readjust.

We are now home and back to reality. Although it’s good to be home, I do miss some of the holiday bliss. 

I am happy to say that on the flight home we were able to move to a row of seats with normal trays so we could test out the airplane tray, and my kiddo loved it! Woohoo!

Today we will grab some groceries and go pick up the pooches from Snuggles & Cuddles. I’m excited because the house is quiet without them and we missed them while we were away! Until than, it’s back to unpacking and continuing with laundry! No more room service.


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