One more day…

Well, we’re nearing the end of our trip and although I’ve enjoyed it, I’m ready to go home, I’ve become a bit of a home body in my old age!

It’s been so nice not to have to plan meals, cook, go grocery shopping, etc. But living in a non child proofed hotel room out of a suitcase for a week gets old, after about a week! It was the perfect amount of time. We spent a few days on the beach and around the pool, we went into Playa del Carmen because I’m still a backpacker at heart and just staying at a resort is not being in Mexico! If our kiddo was a bit older and we could take advantage of more excursions, than I can see staying longer, but we decided to save all those experiences for when our family is older and we can all enjoy them together.

Sadly, one of my highlights has been reading a book, my first one since before our son was born besides starting the odd one and never getting back to it. I still have 7 chapters to read before we leave so I can return it to the book exchange here. I’m determined to finish it today by the pool and during nap time so I can finally say I read a book start to finish! 

We got some good souvenirs, I was taken back to my time in Morocco and got to bargain, which I love!!! Our trip has been complete! One more day by the pool and we’re good to go! I’m looking forward to being back in our own bed, as there was a mix up with our room and we have two, not quite doubles pushed together, with their blankets overlapping. And I am quite confident that our son is excited to stretch out in his own bed tomorrow night too!


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