“You’re so brave”

We keep getting people telling us how brave we are to be travelling with a toddler. 

“I couldn’t have done it when my son was that age.” …wuss.

“You’re braver than we are, we left our kids at home.” …lucky so and so’s.

It’s not ideal, but sometimes you need to get away and the only option is to bring your kids along, it’s also nice to spend some quality family time together without the to do list nagging at you.

We have a good kid, we’re lucky. He has his moments, his meltdowns and tantrums. But for the most part he’s a happy, smiling kiddo! We also came prepared with a lot of $1US bills for tipping and have been fortunate enough to have a lot of friendly staff at our resort. 

I don’t see the issue. There are lots of families here. Lots of retired people who smile at our little guy, asking him for high fives and a wave, sometimes he complies, sometimes he plays shy.

The flight wasn’t ideal. I don’t think about getting as many inflight films in as I can anymore. I don’t expect to sleep. I expect to work and be on the ball, predicting my child’s every need to keep him quiet and happy for as much of the flight as possible.

The holiday itself isn’t always relaxing. I can’t lie on the beach tanning and reading as much as I’d like to. There’s no sleeping in. My husband and I can’t go off for romantic dinners or enjoy any late night entertainment together. Although we are taking advantage of the all inclusive alcohol, we can’t get our money’s worth, if you know what I mean! 😉 Instead, we choose activities that our son will enjoy or we take turns hanging out with him while the other goes off and does something less child friendly.

It’s not always ideal, it’s not everyone’s dream vacation but so far I’m loving it! We’re doing our best to keep our kiddo happy so he doesn’t disturb you on your holiday so deal with it, we’re here with our toddler and we’re not going anywhere! …until Wednesday when we have to fly home.

We tried a fancy restaurant the other night, here are a few pictures of our different courses throughout the evening…it wasn’t a romantic evening by any means but it was still nice to enjoy some of the luxuries of the resort, thanks to technology for our son’s main entree!


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