Out of practice with a toddler…

I haven’t had a lot of experience staying in hotels with a toddler, this is actually my first and only time. The last time we stayed in a hotel, our son was only a few months old. Here are some things I’ve come to realize…

  • Nothing is baby/child proofed. 
  • You can only stay in a ‘family suite’ with bedrooms if you’re filthy rich.
  • There isn’t a chain or anything on the door and our toddler can unlock and open the door! He only chooses to do this while you’re changing out of a bathing suit and you have to make a mad dash to the door before someone sees you butt naked!
  • There are only so many places to hide during hide and seek.
  • The hotel room is not the beach or pool, there is no water feature in the room, therefore it sucks and a meltdown or fight endures most times you enter the room.
  • There are screen doors that your child isn’t used to and may run into (hehe!).
  • The room is new and exciting so your toddler wants to touch everything, especially the not so child friendly things.
  • The toilets are more accessible, you need to watch everything and listen for the sound of a toilet seat lifting!
  • The toilets are rectangular and the potty seat we dragged here doesn’t fit. Maybe should’ve added it to yesterday’s not so much list, but my son has asked for the potty so technically I nailed it!
  • There seems to be sharp edges everywhere and slippery floors.
  • The crib provided is tiny, my son does not fit properly but he wouldn’t stay on cot bed, he takes a long time to get comfortable and fall asleep. He occassionally wakes up because a limb is stuck between the bars.
  • Putting the crib next to the bed during nap time allows an easy escape route for the child and might frighten you if they escape quietly while you’re in the bathroom!
  • The screen door to the balcony has no lock or latch, if your child notices the screen, he or she can easily open it!
  • NOTHING is baby/child proofed.


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