Taking advantage of what we packed & things I wish I packed…

Although we were way under weight, I felt like we brought a lot! We each have at least 2 bathing suits, at least 3 pairs of shoes, beach clothes, regular warm weather clothes, semi formal clothes, warm clothes. I brought my sons own plate, cup, cutlery and bib. A life jacket for our little guy. Enough diapers to cope with an upset stomach. As the saying goes, everything but the kitchen sink!

Having never been on a beach holiday before, I was at a bit of a loss when packing. I spoke to friends about their expeiriences, but for some reason I never looked it up, which I usually do. Here’re how I think I made out…


  • Ziplock bags
  • Beach toys
  • Plastic child’s cup
  • Variety of clothes
  • Snacks
  • Books and toys
  • iPad!
  • Monitor


  • Cheap waterproof watch
  • 2nd pair of sunglasses
  • My comfy Croc sandals I forgot I owned until I got here (crap!)
  • Aloe Vera lotion (yes mom, I know you told me to bring some!)
  • Regular body lotion for our little guy
  • Tote bag for the beach
  • Own snorkelling gear (according to my husband)

    I’m definitely glad we all have more that one bathing suit so we never have to struggle getting a cold, wet one on. I’ve never really been into swimming, but now I realize it’s because most of my experiences were in Lake Winnipeg or cold chlorinated pools, not quite as inviting as the resort pools here in Mexico. I wish I had a strapless bikini to wear under sun dresses but that’s a want, not a need! 

    I also wish I would’ve invested in a couple of short sleeved dress tops for our son to wear in the evening because he’s wearing long sleeved ones we already had with the sleeves rolled up, I’ll be buying him some for the summer anyways! My husband is roasting in jeans, dress shoes and dress shirt, but I’m not sure if he’d wear slacks…or if I’d want him to…so I don’t think that’s an issue, you’d have to ask him, maybe he could pull it off!

    The ziplock bags are helpful taking things to the beach and keeping them free of sand. I do get weird looks when I load them up with food at the buffet but whatever, I’ll probably never see these people again. Plus, I grew up with my dad and uncles constantly trying to humiliate me, so it’s going to take more than a ziplock bag to make me blush!

    I brought a mini backpack thinking we could use it as a diaper bag but I should’ve brought a tote beach bag. Fortunately, the hotel had one in the room as a welcoming gift but I don’t know if all resorts do that?? We were lucky this time or we’d be using our laundry bag which I’d prefer to keep sandless.

    Yesterday I went into the pool wearing my watch, that is not cheap or waterproof. Oops, thankfully it’s still ticking! I’ve been scouting the guys selling sunglasses on the beach but I haven’t liked any yet, but I would like a second pair to smooth out any tan lines!

    As for the Aloe Vera lotion, none of us are burnt but it would’ve been a good idea to have it. You can buy it here but it’s probably expensive. I almost bought some in the target sales but it was a huge bottle I didn’t want to lug down here. Next time, hopefully we won’t need it this time. We have the option here if we’re desperate. My son often gets dry skin at home but I thought he’d be fine here with the humidity, however, I think it would’ve been helpful with the sun.

    The choice of toys have been good. We have the old school Duplo blocks, which are a bit smaller than the new ones. I brought different sizes and colours so we can build a tower plus play matching games. 5 books; 3 soft cover, 2 small board books, 2 of the books are beach themed! My son will sit and read books for probably hours! I’m sick of the same 5 books already, but he’s still loving them! The beach toys can be washed and used in the pool and bath and so can the blocks. We brought a beach ball but the airline also gave us one. 

    I think that completes my self review, I’ll sure I’ll have more insight by the end of our holiday!


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