The Journey…

My husband is 6’3″ with very broad shoulders, he literally does not fit in regular seats. So when we can, we pay a little extra for more leg room. Unfortunately, the only seats available were 1a and 1b. At first we thought, wow first row, fancy! But really all it meant on a small plane was that we couldn’t use the airplane tray cover because I designed it for regular fold down trays, not the ones stored in the arm rest, plus we constantly had people lined up next to our seats for the bathroom which prevented our little guy from napping. Eventually, I found an empty row near the back of the plane and he had a little nap, so did I.

I’m hoping we can move our seats on the way home but so far it looks like we’re in row 1 and all other “leg room” seats are booked. Hopefully I can find another seat, even if it’s for a few minutes to try out the tray cover. The last one I made had Velcro rather than elastic, which I now realize is more versatile so I will offer the option of either straps.

Our other adventure was the out of service bathroom on the plane, of course the only one with a change table, and of course on the day my son was pooping like a machine. We had the joy of changing poopy diapers on the floor at the front of the plane when the flight attendants were serving drinks. Never a dull moment!

We are here now and enjoying the beautiful sun and sea air! My little guy is still refusing naps, afraid he will miss ‘wadda’ ‘beach’ ‘swim’ ‘dirt’ aka sand, ‘bird’, etc. etc. he’s in heaven and it’s so nice to see him enjoying and appreciating everything. 


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