When coffee doesn’t cut it…

I’m not a morning person. I don’t do mornings. I don’t like mornings. I’m not built for them. Leading up to this trip, my husband would say “only 4 more nights!” And I would correct him, “no, it’s 3 1/2.” Getting up at 3:30 isn’t a full night. It doesn’t count.

It’s 6am and we’re waiting to board. The guys are watching all the planes out the window and the ones you wind up and make fly, somehow my son was dead to the world but when I mentioned we were going on an airplane, it was like flipping a switch, he is wired, “VROOM! VROOM!” I feel tired.

Before I became a mom I used to be up and out of the house before 7am with no problems but with a slow paced start to the day, it’s so difficult. The first issue is the lack of a snooze button. Although I’d only use a snooze button on occasion before, I miss having the option.  I’ve thought in the past that it would be nice to have a snooze button on the monitor to help with sleep training, Even if just for 2 minutes. But I assumed people would abuse that option so it’s not allowed, I know I’d be tempted 😕.

Now, instead of jumping in the shower to wake myself up, I usually drag myself to my son’s room, turn on the light, sometimes just the hall light so it’s not as bright, and change a diaper. We than proceed downstairs where there’s usually some whining. Maybe we have a drink, maybe a banana, maybe we just whine…it depends on the day.

I’m so tired, I hope he sleeps on the plane.


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