A Touch of OCD with a side of Ziplock Bags

I’m so excited! We’re pretty much packed and ready to go! As I mentioned in, Travelling With A Toddler, this will be my kiddo’s 11th flight. So far it’s always been smooth sailing and we’re praying tomorrow’s flight will be the same.

To help make it successful, I am over organized! Anyone who knows my husband and I know that we both have a touch of OCD. Since becoming a mom, my motto has always been: a full or eating baby/kid, is a happy kid! So far this has been true so I have packed LOADS of snacks for the trip because my boy LOVES his food!

On top of that, I have his airplane tray cover and a Ziplock bag of books and toys for the flight which has all the contents written on the bag for easy clean up at the end of the flight! Change of clothes, diaper stuff, favourite teddy and for the first time ever….a fully charged iPad. The iPad is still a novelty for my son so I think it will be a huge help! I just wish I didn’t have to share it because it’s my first flight having an iPad and I want to play with it too!!!

As you can see, Ziplock bags are my best friend when travelling. They keep everything separate and easy to find. I’ve also packed a bunch of empty bags to load up on snacks at the resort to carry around for my little guy, because he likes to graze all day. you can never have too many clear, waterproof bags while travelling, especially to a beach!

To help keep things organized while at the airport I made this passport case! I’ve always wanted one but never got around to buying one so a couple days ago I decided I’d try making one! I just made it up as I went but I think it turned out pretty good! I put interfacing in the slots for the passports but wish I would’ve put it in the main cover too so it wasn’t so flimsy, next time!

So there you have it, my must haves for travelling with a toddler are toys, snacks & Ziplock bags! What are your must haves when travelling?


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