A Confessional Post on Educating & Entertaining Your Toddler…

After the week of Entertaining & Educating Your Toddler, I want to make a few confessions. I don’t like those blogs written by “perfect” mommies who have it all together, look gorgeous everyday and don’t live in reality, I just don’t believe it unless you have some hidden nanny or team you don’t mention. It’s not me, never has been, never will be. Here is my confession. Although I use all those activities and 9/10 times they do work, sometimes they don’t and if you’ve tried any of them and they were an epic fail, don’t worry you’re not alone!! Here are my confessions…

1. Just a Milk Crate & Some Pipecleaners…

The day after I posted this, my son decided it was more fun to climb onto the crate and jump off. He’s been jumping off the fireplace recently too but I was a little worried about his judgement of where to jump. It was fine when he was jumping onto a pile of blankets but the pile of cars and trucks…not so much!

Since than he has used it as I intended, but I don’t keep it out all the time like I used to, just to be safe.

2. The Box

The Box is still amazing! He loves it! Always talks about it, without the crayons, it’s fool proof (touch wood!). I have made the mistake of leaving the crayons in the box or they’ve been hidden under the flaps of the box and, fortunately only once, I’ve come back to some not so lovely drawings on the floor! Thankfully, it just wiped off (we have the extra washable crayons!!).

3. Sensory Tub

Like I mentioned in the original post, the dogs try to eat the kernels which, of course, isn’t good for them! So I limit this activity for when the dogs aren’t around. A couple weeks ago my son was playing in the sensory tub and came running to me saying “mess mess”, I was so pleased he came to tell me he had dropped some because normally he thinks it’s hilarious to feed the dogs anything. Well, I went over to help clean up, telling him he was such a good boy for telling me. I turn around and see him putting them all on the floor again while saying mess…so much for that! We put it away for the rest of the day.

4. Homemade Playdough

Again, I mentioned our weiner dog likes to eat Playdough and my son goes through phases in which he thinks it’s hilarious to feed them. Most days my little guy will sit at his little table and play with the Playdough appropriately, other days, we put it away because he’s not. He also went through this weird phase that he would carry the Playdough around like it was a blankie! It was funny at first, but soon led to little bits of Playdough everywhere, which either the dog ate or got stuck in the carpet! We’ve also had issues that he gets it out himself without me knowing or we both forget to put it away and it dries up .

5. Homemade Water Table

I hesitated to post the homemade table because a few days before I did, my kiddo knocked it onto the floor and flooded my kitchen, man does an inch of water go far!! While I was running back and forth with old towels cleaning up what seemed to be an ocean, my son ran back over to the mess and slipped, not once, not twice, but THREE times in the water, hurting himself on the third fall 😞. Since than, he has asked to play with the “wadda” only once and it didn’t last long. Before this happened it was a great activity and he loved it so I’m hoping he will get over his wipeout and enjoy this activity again….being more careful not to spill it!

6. Drum Roll Please…

Like I said in the post, this is noisy and it’s not for everyone.  This morning my son pulled the tin out, I offered him a spoon, he banged on it a few times before tossing the spoon to the side and began using the tin as a stepping stool to reach the counter! Ugh! You want them to learn and think for themselves, but man is life more work when they get so clever!!! He also started carrying my beloved milk crate to the kitchen and using it as a stepping stool which allows him to reach nearly everything on the counters!

7. Last, But Not Least…

The crayon box is more hands on than I would like and so is the Dino ride. For the sheet Fort, I tried Erin’s genius idea which worked like a charm at keeping everything in place but it turns out my son is just an obnoxious Fort dweller who enjoys pulling them apart and playing with the clothes pins…😒

My son is very very busy and never sits still! I see different activities to entertain toddlers on Pinterest and I just now that some of them won’t work for my kiddo because of his personality. For the most sort, these activities work for him, hopefully with all the resources out there you’ll find something that suits your little one, in the process, we’ll get some funny stories out of trying!


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