7. Last, but not least…

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My last entry will be a mix of different activities that I’ve tried to keep my little guy occupied with. 

As you’ve probably gathered, I like to make things and would spend all day in my craftroom if I could. I had this great idea of using a crayon box which I’d seen on Pinterest. I found a big box, grabbed some crayons, put my son in the box and showed him to colour on the box and said, “colour mommy a picture!”

Well, he loved it! He coloured and scribbled on the box but than when I went over to my craft table, thinking there might be a chance we craft together, he wanted out of the box and wanted to see what I was doing. So although my plan backfired and, if I’m honest, I didn’t have high hopes for it from the start, he still enjoys sitting in his box scribbling everywhere like a mad man! And if I’m doing a boring activity, he’s happy to do it on his own.

Another activity my son loves is fort building! Really, who doesn’t?! We get a big sheet and make a fort, as you can see his box is one of the entrances. Although he loves his fort and will play in it on his own; sitting inside and having his snack or reading some books, he often calls for help because he puts his hands up in the fort and it all falls apart and he gets tangled in the sheet!! I’ve tried a few different strategies, bar chairs, tucking the blanket into things so it stays put but so far nothing’s been sturdy enough, maybe I’m just out of practice in my fort building skills, I haven’t given up yet!

Finally, the Dino ride! My son received this fancy suitcase for Christmas but you can also use a little wagon or anything with wheels on it. Somehow, we started walking around the house with it giving his dinosaur a ride. It was really fun and cute. If the dinosaur started to slip off he would say, “UH OOHHH!” We would take turns pulling it and than I came up with the idea of making a stop/go game out of it to help him practice listening to “stop” which he definitely needs the practice for! Again, he loves it! But when I stay “stop”, he slows down, sometimes stops for a second before throwing his arms forward and yelling “GO!”. It’s a work in progress. Either way it’s a good activity, but he’s decided that it’s only fun if I do the pulling, so it’s not one in which I can leave him to it while I get something done.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little series! I would love to hear any comments or feedback! Have a good weekend! 😊


3 thoughts on “7. Last, but not least…

  1. You need clothes pins to hold the blanket to the top of the chair/box/etc….

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