6. Drum roll please…

All ages

This is not for everyone. I have had enough noisy jobs in my life that I have learned to tune out a lot of noise and it doesn’t usually bother me. If you don’t like noise or you have a baby in the house trying to sleep, maybe skip this one!

Again, this activity is usually brought out while I’m trying to make dinner. If my son wants to be in the kitchen with me and won’t entertain himself I bring out the drums!

I get a wooden spoon, sometimes a metal spoon to make different sounds and we pull a bunch of stuff out of the Tupperware cupboard which is the only unchildproofed door in the kitchen. We try to mix it up so he can get a good beat…or a variety of loud noises. Usually our drum set includes 2 or 3 of the following; a tin, plastic container, stainless steel bowl, collander, ice cream pail, plastic cup…believe it or not, I sometimes even bring in the crate to play like a washboard! 😉

Like I say, this isn’t an activity you can or want to pull out very often but when your little one is clingy or needs to bang out some steam, this can come in pretty handy! You might also want to stick to older things, as you can see the dents my son has made in the tin!!! 😬


One thought on “6. Drum roll please…

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