5. Homemade Water Table

18 months & up

Another idea inspired by the Science Centre, a homemade water table! When we took our son to the Science Centre for the first time a few months ago, we couldn’t keep him away from the water table. A few days later, near the end of the day, when we were beginning to drive each other crazy, I was trying to come up with a new and exciting idea to keep him entertained for a while and so we could both get some much needed space! 

I remembered thinking at the Science Centre how easy it would be to make something like that at home, and it was! I found a shallow plastic tub and emptied it’s contents into an old diaper box. I grabbed some bath and clean sandbox toys, filled it with an inch of soapy water, because bubbles are fun and so are clean hands! And voila! Our own makeshift water table!

I don’t like mess and extra work. While at the Science Centre, I learned this the hard way. My kiddo ran to the water table from another centre and while I was gathering our stuff and following him over, his socks got soaked from the floor as well as all of his clothes. Of course I didn’t have a change of clothes, so we awkwardly tried to dry them in the Dyson hand dryers…lesson learnt! 

To limit the mess at home, I grabbed an old shower curtain we had in the basement for painting to put under the table and than, of course, put the tub on a couple of milk crates so the table would be at a toddler friendly height. There you have it; shallow tub, toys, water, apron, shower curtain, crates: fun! …and the freedom to clean and make dinner!

When my son asks for “wadda”, I tell him to take off his socks and pull up his sleeves while I set it up. I put on an apron but, unfortunately, the long sleeve Ikea bibs/aprons we have aren’t completely water proof so I often have to change his shirt afterwards. Next visit to Fabricland I will be purchasing some waterproof fabric to make a better apron! I lay out the shower curtain and set up the table and he loves it! Another free and easy activity to help keep everyone’s sanity!


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