3. Sensory Tub


I’ve tried a few sensory tubs for my kiddo. We’ve made rainbow spaghetti which I haven’t really liked, I’ve never been able to get the spaghetti to dry properly so it’s either sticky, gets food colouring on my son’s hands and moulds after a couple days or gets hard and crunchy…it’s also work to make. Did you have any success with spaghetti?

My favourite is an idea I got from the Science Centre, popcorn kernels in a double tub. I double the tub to lessen spills and I also put a towel or sheet underneath so they don’t bounce far…easier clean up! I do not like making extra work for myself!

Unfortunately, I can’t just leave my little guy to play with this because, although it’s never been a problem so far, I worry about him putting the kernels in his mouth, plus if our dogs are around they try to eat every kernel that drops so I have to be there to keep them away. Because of that, I usually out this activity out in the kitchen next to me when I’m making dinner or we play with it together. I prop the tub on a milk crate (I love milk crates!) so it’s at my sons height…and not at my dogs!!

This activity is great because it targets lots of things, it’s sensory because of the playing and feeling of the kernels, it’s got a touch of Montessori from the little spoons that he scoops the kernels with while building fine motor skills. Sometimes we put plastic animals in the tub which encourages imaginative play. You can really do anything with this, just be creative, find measuring scoops, spoons, blocks, animals, the skies the limit!


2 thoughts on “3. Sensory Tub

  1. […] different sensory activities my son does such as putting pipe cleaners through a milk crate and scooping popcorn seeds. There are lots of great child led activities that you can make yourself for your child to be […]


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