2. The Box.

All ages

Looking back on my childhood I have so many fond memories that revolve around an old refrigerator box. It was a house, a rocket ship, anything we wanted it to be. Apparently, my dad just went to the appliance store and asked if they had any old boxes he could have and they gave him one, he didn’t even have to buy a fridge!

We bought a new mattress last month so that’s how we came to have our Box. Although we’ve decorated it, it’s nothing pretty. It had a rip in the side which we turned into a window where we play peek-a-boo. It has to be propped up between an ottoman and table because my son also likes to do whale dives onto it and collapse it. None the less, My little guy loves it. When he’s facetiming with his grandparents he shows them his box. When he’s eating a meal, he points to his box wanting to get away from the table and play in it. I love it too, I love him sitting in the box passing me crayons while I take a break and doodle and decorate the box. I love when I can sit on the couch and have a cup of coffee, an entire cup of hot coffee!, and all I have to do is say peek-a-boo when he sticks his head through the window. If it’s up against the wall, he looks down it and says “dark” when he pushes his ride on tractor in it and they both get wedged in the middle he yells “stuck”. To some people it’s just a crappy old box to be recycled but in this house it’s hours of fun and creativity.


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